Monday, February 29, 2016

Relax, Kick back, Unwind.... with Books & Bubble Bath

My version of relaxation often involves sitting down, while my boys are asleep, with my laptop and working on digital designs and scrapbooking.  But when I REALLY need to relax, I dump some bath salts into my HUGE whirpool tub, grab a paperback and soak... for like 2 hours or until my husband makes me get out, or the water gets cold, whichever happens first.  I hope this kit makes you feel relaxed and inspired to scrap some photos of toes in the bubble bath!  Enjoy!

Also, check out my new Facebook Freebie!  It's a kitchen, cooking, canning kit that I call "Preserved."  This month you can get the elements and next month, it will be the papers!