Sunday, May 29, 2016

Yesteryear and Steampunk Style Blog Train

The June 2016 PixelScrapper Blog Train is here!  I'm in love with these colors.  Goldenrod yellow is my favorite color ever and I think you'll see that, especially in my steampunk kit.  However, it looks LOVELY with this teal green, too!  The pale robins egg blue color is now a new favorite of mine, too!

I  have two mini kits for you today.  The Steampunk style has an Alpha,too!  I made each letter a bit different in a typewriter key style.

I hope you enjoy and as always, please leave me some love in the comments. Be sure and head back to the PixelScrapper forums to pick up the rest of the train!  Everyone has really outdone themselves this time!

I'm currently camping with my husband's whole family and the wi-fi is unreliable.  My links will be updated sometime during the 1st.  I apologize for the delay but that will be the first time I'm able to upload a zip file to Google Drive. :)   Thank you for your patience!

Links are updated! I did it in a hurry so please let me know if any of the links are incorrect!

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Links Expired