Terms Of Use

I appreciate your respect for my artwork copyright! I am a one-woman shop and I take copyright laws seriously!  You won't find any Disney or Sesame Street characters in my site or in my Etsy shop.  I consider that intellectual THEFT.
FOR Invitations, Party Printables, Wall Art, Guest books,  ETC.  

I retain the copyright for ALL items.  They are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  They can be printed multiple times for ONE party.

do not:
          Edit or Alter the files
          Share with a friend for a different party

you may:
          Print files for your party
          Email or post images to social media sites


If listed as Personal Use ONLY:

Personal Use License

This license is intended for personal use, or for any use that does not generate income, and is not attached to your profession. You can go crazy creating Digital Scrapbook Layouts, Invitations, Cards, Pillows, Clothing, Plates, Mugs and other hand-crafted items, as long as the finished products are for your own personal, NON-PROFIT, non-business use.

Please Do:

Use the item however you want for personal use!
Use the item for any non-profit, non-professional purpose (flyers, yearbooks, non-profit posters, etc.).
Adapt and remix the item, then post or give away the resulting adaptations for non-commercial use (as long as you do so for free, and you are not a professional designer).
Attribution is not required, but appreciated.  (Link to my Etsy shop, www.erincrouchstudio.etsy.com)

Please Do Not:

Use the item for commercial purposes (anything where you make money, or attached to your profession).
Distribute the item "as is" directly to others (refer them to the item's page instead).
Upload any derivative works to a stock image website.

Derivative Works (Stuff you make using my stuff) Licensing:

Derivative works must be distributed for free, and under any non-commercial use license of your choice.

If listed as S4H & CU OKAY:
Commercial - Small Business Use Terms
My terms DO NOT APPLY to mass production.  They also DO NOT APPLY to independent designers who make products on behalf of someone else for them to sell commercially.  If you are interested in licensing my artwork for your business producing products that are not for a small business, please contact me for potential licensing arrangements.
The terms  here are for SMALL Business owners (profiting less than $10,000 per year) who create a hand crafted product that is not a considered a supply. (To make something else) The small business owner must run said business from within their home with a maximum of 1 other employee. Small business owners may use graphics as long as the final product is a finished product and NOT customizable by your customer.  See specific conditions below:

• NO CU4CU (Commercial Use for Commercial Use) You may not create "supplies" from my artwork or use Erin Crouch Studio graphics to create and sell digital products such as Scrapbooking Kits / Collage sheets / Clip Art.

• You may not sub-license, re-sell, rent, lend, or otherwise distribute the graphics as is without permission. (This includes Apps, see below for APP licensing.)

Detailed Terms for Specific Small Business Uses:
If your specific use is not listed here, feel free to message me.

•Scrap for Hire:  All Scrap for Hire is fine.

•Printed Art / Quotes: Graphics should be used as a part of your own designs overall. I ask that you customize the clip art in some way that is unique to your shop. The addition of quote, text, name, a colored background or even a color change will suffice.

•(Printable) Digital Art Prints / Quotes: You may use to create digital prints but the above terms for Printed Art / Quotes apply. You may not allow prints to be used commercially by your customers. The digital file must be offered in flattened format.
• Mixed Media Art / Paintings:
Artwork can be printed and incorporated into your mixed media Art. It can also be used in your digital art as long as you add creativity to the items in the arrangement and design.

• Freebie Printable Downloads for give-aways: The printables must be provided in a flattened format such as JPG or PDF. You must rework them into your own design.  Do not give them away, as is.  Change the color and a texture, add some layers on top.  They can be used in a larger design, such  as a poster, journal cards, etc.  Linking back to my Etsy shop at www.erincrouchstudio.etsy.com is appreciated, but not required.

•Teaching Materials / Activities for Kids Downloads:
Absolutely! YES for Teachers Pay Teachers downloads as long as you are not including the clip art itself in PNG format within your download.  Files must be in a flattened format and NOT sold as a “supply” like clip art.

• Hand Embroidery / Machine Embroidery:
Clip Art can be digitized to use on your own items for sale but may not be digitized for selling as downloads without an additional fee ($40.00 per set / Send me a convo for more details before purchasing.)

• Jewelry:
Create stamp imprints for your clay jewelry or circle prints for your own bottle caps or scrabble tile necklaces to sell. You may not make and sell the print outs, but feel free to make and sell jewelry made from them.

• Product Engraving or laser cutting:
Fine for usage without modificatation.  However, laser cut rubber stamps or dies must be for your own business use.  Do not sell the stamp or die itself.

• Hand Carved Rubber Stamps
As long as they are used as a template and HAND carved from rubber and not poured or engraved.

• Logos:
You may use for your own personal business logo.
Creating Logos for others: You must let your client know that you did not draw the graphic and that they do not retain the exclusive rights to it. Please inform your clients that the image is not one of a kind.
If your client would like to use the image other than on the logo purchase a second version of my digital set.  Then, you can include the PNG's for them.

• Digital Transfers Sheets:
Must be used as a part of your own artistic creation, on a background color, with a color change, and/or have text included if you are selling as a digital item for download. You may make digital transfers for your own use to apply to tangible goods without additional modification.

•Vinyl cut / Silhouettes
Cutting shapes from vinyl for home decor or tangible goods as is- is allowed. Printing on Vinyl and applying to physical products without modification of image is allowed.  If you’d like to sell vinyl stickers, see "Sticker Sheets" below.

• Party Supplies: Printed or Printable:
Customized Announcements & Invitations, Printed and Digital as long as the digital product is finished and not a templates for your customer to fill in information themselves. As well as banners, posters, favors, labels, candy wrappers, water bottle wrappers, raffle cards, etc.  The files you sell must be flattened format and not for commercial use.

• Web Graphics:
• Blog Headers, Etsy Shop Banners:  You may create web graphics for yourself or for clients on an individual basis.  No Templates can be made and graphics must be custom and installed on the customers blog by you.  Etsy shop banners must be custom for ONE client.  ¬¬

• Promotional / Small Business Advertising Materials:  Business cards, Newsletters, E-books, Presentation Slides, Promo Videos are all acceptable as long as they are for your OWN small business.

• Cafepress - Zazzle Print on Demand Products.  You must modify the images in some way by adding text, changing colors or adding multiple images within your own creative design.  Basically, make it look like you put a few minutes of thought into your design instead of just using my clip art alone. If you have a design idea that you don't want to modify further and you are unsure, message me a screen shot of the image!

• Other Paper Products:
Art Journals , Sketch Books, Note Books, Paper Stationery, Labels:
Images and Backgrounds can be used in the creation of these items but they must be assembled creatively into your own creative design.  You can include text, Background and ClipArt, and/or creative arrangements of multiple items etc.

• Planner Sticker Sheets:
The artwork must be resized to under 2.5 inches and customized.  For customization, Text, A circle, flag, square or some other design element could be added under some of the stickers on the sheets. You must add your own creativity to the arrangement of the sticker elements.  The finished sticker sheets are not to be sold in bulk as wholesale to a 3rd party who will resell in their own retail shops without contacting me for additional licensing fees based on quantity.

• Cards and Invitations
You may create printed cards or invitations. Digital Invitations: If the final file is sent digital for customers to print themselves the files must not be layered and must be customized by you with event details according to your customers specifications.

• Home Goods & Textiles:
Physical items such as pillow covers, tea Towels, banners, mugs, books, T-shirts, etc that you will be selling in your own shop are allowed.

• Fabric:
You may print fabric to create tangible goods for your small business without any additional extended license, eg: purses, skirts etc.
An extended license to use my digital artwork (clip art or digital papers) to print on fabric which you will sell in your shop as fabric yardage is required. Message me for details.  If you are creating the fabric for a 3rd party distribution, you will need to contact for license restrictions and fee.

• Screen Printing
Graphics may be used as is in the creation of tangible, screen printed goods for your small business.

• Scrapbooking Layouts, Books and Photo Albums - AKA S4H, or Scrap for hire:
Digital Layouts Must be flattened & ready to print in JPG or flattened Tiff before providing to your customer.

• Jam Berry Nail Wraps - Use of clip art and Digital Papers to make and sell wraps on your own behalf, is fine.

• Apps
Please contact me. I will allow use if the item that you are using is static and doesn't move or isn't a main feature of your app. An additional fee of $50.00 per set + the purchase of the set is required for use as movable or manipulated features within the app. (I do not break up sets and accommodate picking and choosing graphics from various sets.)

Questions? Contact me at DanceERB (at) aol (dot) com


  1. love all your work Erin, but what about your freebies? can I use them to make some downloadable printbales ( of course I wont sell them in anyway and I would be providing the original files as direct download). what should I do in that situation or should I not use them all together ? thank you .. take care

    1. Thanks, NadaBR. I'm a little confused by your question actually. If my freebies are marked with "PU ONLY" please follow the terms under PERSONAL USE. If it is marked "CU OKAY" then you need to read through the COMMERCIAL USE area.

      Please DO NOT under any circumstances provide MY work as a direct download on your site. That is PIRACY, aka THEFT. If you would like to make something new and creative out of my "CU Okay" freebies and provide your new remixed item as a freebie or sell it, that is fine. DO NOT provide it as a direct download.

      Am I clear?

      Did I answer your question?


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